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Nu Cor offers services, tailored to the needs of the project. From overseeing all aspects of the project to consulting with the owner on an as need basis.  We embrace and encourage that the “team concept” of owner, architect, engineer and Nu Cor as construction manager is employed. We initiate and coordinate the team efforts by:

Assist the design team in formulating the most cost effective of designs.

• Value engineer the project design and exhaust every potential savings alternative.

• Work with the owner to establish the project budget restraints.

• Establish a Guarantee Maximum Price for the project.

• Work with Local, Regional and State Agencies to secure necessary zoning, planning and building permits.

• Develop the project schedule, project milestones and construction sequencing.

• Prepare, administer and oversee all trade contracts and vendor orders on behalf of the owner for the project.

• Schedule, coordinate and oversee all construction activities throughout the duration of the project.

• Conduct all project meetings, log all construction activities,  prepare all project correspondence.

• Prepare all close out documents, oversee all punch lists of work, secure all warranties, operating and maintenance manuals and all required as-built drawings.

• Secure all final occupancy permits.

• Develop long lasting relationship with Owners.