Experience: Skill, Knowledge, or Wisdom: In 2007, John and Robert Goffredo formed Nu Cor Management as a full service construction management and consulting firm. “After growing up and working in a family owned and operated general contracting and construction management firms which began in the late 1940’s, we gained a unique and intimate knowledge of all facets of the construction industry. The EXPERIENCE we acquired in our combined 60 years of service has been a  life long endeavor”.

Over those many years in both the private and public sectors, we played a major role in successfully completing over three hundred million dollars worth of worth of industrial, commercial, institutional, and multi-family residential projects in six States throughout the greater northeast”.



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Integrity: Honesty; Sincerity; Uprightness: Dealing in an industry where the profit margin rules, INTEGRITY is paramount. “We have found a delivery method that exemplifies that principle. We have taken the “Open Book” approach to project costs to the very limits of directness which ultimately realized the owner the very most in economy of cost and value in the project.”

“We have redirected the focus away from the “profit margin” and set the sights on the needs of the owner and that of the project. Utilizing this methodology, allows for the owner to be totally informed regarding the actual costs being expended on the project from the onset, and throughout the entire duration of the project. “

For more information on our "Open Book" approach, please call our office today at 610.863.6657.


Reliability: Worthy of Trust:
As construction managers, the greatest compliment that could be bestowed, is to be given the opportunity to participate in yet another project for a client.” The principals of Nu Cor have earned that trust and proven to the clients they served, that RELIABILITY is one of their strongest qualities.

“Many of the project we participated in were from former clients. One in particular that Robert and I directly managed, consisted of  12 separate projects over the course of 6 years that spanned 4 States.  These ‘fast track’, high profile projects encompassed over 2,000,000 square feet of new and completely renovated department store space, valued at nearly $80,000,000.

Accountability: Responsibilty:
Nu Cor Management achieves and maintains ACCOUNTABLITY by tending to the daily rigors of a project personally.

“Contrary to most larger construction managers, who delegate those duties to a subordinate, we hold ourselves to the highest degree of ACCOUNTABILITY and take a hands on approach to dealing with all project matters personally. We  will be on your site to deal with you the owner, the project professionals, the project staff and all governing agencies having jurisdictions over the project. In doing so, we are directly responsible and ACCOUNTABLE to you. Furthermore, as a commitment to maintaining those standards, we limit ourselves to the amount of projects we engage in. "